Webinar: Shifting Tides from Super Cities to Super Suburbs?

01 Sep 2020

I recently moderated a SparkLabs Group Smart Cities webinar that discussed the Future of Cities with 4 visionaries in the space. If you want to understand the challenges & opps cities face in the new normal world, you definitely should give this a watch! Topics covered included:

1. Covid-19’s impact on Smart City budgets – and the future of public transport
2. Why cross-ecosystem collaboration is needed to deliver against the Smart City hype
3. Will the pandemic cause an exodus from cities to the suburbs?
4. The role Human Experience will play in designing future cities


Tim Kobe, CEO & Founder, Eight Inc.

Emily Yates, Smart City Director, City of Philadelphia

Brendan Walsh, Director of International Affairs, Stanford University

John Rossant, Chairman of NewCities Foundation; CEO of CoMotion