Webinar: 5G – Beyond the Hype

26 Oct 2020
5G has been a topic that is widely discussed globally. However, do we really understand its capabilities and potential? It is time to take a look into how 5G can match the demand generated by Industry 4.0 and drive new processes across businesses.
Driving a platform revolution, 5G becomes an enabler of enterprise innovation for businesses to develop and deliver solutions to their markets. New partnership ecosystems and business models are also expected to be formed to support new 5G business cases. With the increase in uptake by businesses of various industries looking to take full advantage of 5G commercial application, its adoption will only solidify the role of 5G in transforming mobile technology and be a significant contributor to the global economy.
In this session, we touched on important questions in the 5G area, such as the impact of 5G on smart cities and the risk of increased innovation division between countries. Our panelists dived into more digital advanced countries in Asia and compared them to Europe and the US. Watch this session where we explore 5G beyond just reduced network latency for work and play. Learn more about its various applications, and how can it affect businesses as well as the opportunities ahead that remain to be discovered.
The panel consisted of:
  • Charles Reed Anderson
  • Willis Sim – Chief Corporate Sales & Solutions Officer, M1
  • Danial Mausoof  – VP & Global Sales Head, Enterprise Services, Nokia
The webinar was co-moderated by Andreas Enderlin, Chair of the Digital Transformation Award, Managing Partner, Hugo Capital Partners and Lars Voedisch, Founder & Managing Director of PRecious Communications. The webinar was in collaboration with SGInnovate.