Our strategic methodology helps our customers assess the market opportunity, understand their role in the IoT ecosystem, develop their go-to-market strategies and engage with their customers, partners and employees.

Analyse the Market

Monthly Retainer

Retainer Engagements allow customers to leverage our independent, vendor- and technology-agnostic insights as well as our extensive network to evaluate and evolve their IoT strategies, solutions and initiatives to meet their business objectives.

This “problem solver on call” approach helps save time, money and resources by providing regular inputs and guidance based on the latest IoT industry developments.

These engagements can be delivered as a set number of days per month or ”drawn down” from a package of purchased days.

IoT Strategy Quick Start Initiatives

IoT Quick Starts combine quantitative data with qualitative insights to provide customers with a foundation on which to develop their IoT strategies and initiatives. IoT Quick Starts can be delivered in document format or as an interactive workshop.

Position Your Offering

Consulting Engagements

Consulting engagements are tailored to help customers find solutions to their IoT problems and challenges.

These engagements can be delivered independently - or we can integrate into your team, whichever model will deliver the best results.

Launch Your Solution

Customer-focused GTM Initiatives

Customer-focused go-to-market initiatives help customers tailor their messaging and content to reach the increasingly diverse tech buyers (e.g. shift from IT to lines of business).

Internal- &-Partner-focused GTM Initiatives

Internal & partner go-to-market initiatives are often overlooked. However, these activities are equally important and ensure your IoT advocates and stakeholders:

  • Comprehend the increasingly complex IoT solution ecosystem and your role in it
  • Better understand the customer, their solution requirements and their purchasing decision criteria
  • Deliver a unified message about your value proposition
Engage the Market

Customer, Partner & Employee Engagement

Market Engagement expands the reach of your GTM messaging, captures market requirements & eliminates hurdles in the sales process.