26 Apr 2021

This TechBurst Asia podcast will give you your GADGET FIX for 2021.

We will discuss Smartphones – which ones are doing well (Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi), which ones are struggling (Huawei, LG), and what features you can expect in the coming years (foldables, rollables).

We will look at the smart wearables market to see if Smartwatches have finally lived up to the hype, and to find out if anyone can catch the Apple Watch.

And finally, we’ll get the lowdown on the latest announcements from Apple about its latest iPad innovations, the launch of AirTags, and the new colourful iMacs.

To help us with this analysis, we are joined by one of the world’s leading device analysts, IDC Asia Pacific’s Bryan Ma. 


02:00 Who is winning the smartphone race?

04:00 LG exits the smartphone market – what mistakes did they make?

06:30 Why do so many smartphone vendors fail (Nokia, BlackBerry, LG)

08:50 How the China / US trade war has led to Huawei’s chipset crisis

14:30 What are the latest features (cameras, foldables, rollables)  that are driving the market?

18:00 What impact is 5G having on the smartphone market?

20:40 What the hell is a rollable phone? And do we need it?

22:00 When will Apple come out with a foldable phone?

23:00 Apple is releasing an iPhone software update with a new privacy feature that requires apps like Facebook to ask for the user’s approval to track them. Facebook hates this, I love it, what does Bryan think?

27:20 Can 5G’s speeds and low latency save AR/VR?

31:00 The latest on wearables – the big three vendors (Xiaomi, Apple, Huawei) are running away with it. Can Google save Fitbit? Should Samsung give up on the smartwatch market? And can anyone catch the Apple Watch?

39:00 Apple’s new product launches – the slick new iPads, colourful iMacs and surprise launch – Apple goes into tracking with AirTags. 

49:00 Bryan’s predictions – what will the world look like in 5 years for smartphones, wearables and AR / VR / Mixed Reality headsets.



27 Oct 2019

Which Smartphones lived up to the hype in 2019? In this episode, I sat down with Asia’s top device analyst, IDC’s Bryan Ma, to discuss…

  • His view on the latest flagship launches from Google, Apple, Samsung & Huawei
  • The impact the China v US trade war will have on Huawei
  • Whether we actually need foldable phones
  • How much is too much for a smartphone
  • Punk music, skateboarding, karaoke and much more…

Show Notes & Timestamps:

02:30  How did a skatepunk foodie from California end out as Asia’s top device analyst?

05:00 Bryan’s take on the Google Pixel 4 launch (loves the AI camera)

07:10 …the Apple iPhone 11 Pro (loves the 3 lenses)

09:00 …Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 (he’s worried their mainstream products are becoming “rather plain”)

10:50 ….Huawei Mate Pro (likes the Leica lens & sensors) – and what will the impact of the China v US trade war have on Huawei’s future?

14:55 What camera functionality will drive future smartphone sales – the lens (e.g. Huawei w/ Leica) or the AI?

16:20 Why the hell would anyone want a foldable phone?

19:50 What is going to drive the next wave of differentiation in smartphones? (today it’s the camera, but the future is all about display technology)

27:50 How much is too much for a smartphone?

30:00 What’s the best phone to buy if I want…

  • The best phone
  • Best battery life

33:30 Which manufacturer has the best opportunity to gain market share in the next 24 months? His answer may surprise you! 

39:15 Wearables – i had made a prediction that said early adopters would be the only adopters for smartwatches – was I correct? Has the market taken off?

43:30  Let’s go old school – what was your favourite smartphone pre-iOS and Android?

46:15 What mistakes did the old industry leaders (e.g.Blackberry, Nokia, Palm) make when they were on top of the market that led to their downfall?

Enough of the serious questions, let’s have some fun! 

50:00 What’s your most embarrassing moment you have had on TV?

51:45 You get to live you life all over again – what would you want to be next time?

  • Device analyst
  • Punk singer
  • Karaoke singer
  • Skateboarder
  • Professional eater

53:00 What is Bryan’s favourite…

  • Punk band
  • Karaoke song (seriously, he said “Earth Wind & Fire”)
  • City for karaoke
  • Drink while doing karaoke (Baijo – it’s rocket fuel)
  • Post-karaoke food

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Twitter: @BryanBMa

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bryanbma/

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21 Oct 2019

I’m sure many of you are wearing an Apple WatchSamsung Gear or other gadget on your wrist right now. This market started to gain attention when the first Apple Watch launched in 2016 – and the market has advanced in terms of technology & sales since then – but the question is, what does the future hold for the smartwatch? Is it the one size fits all model of the large vendors? Or is it better to customise the smartwatches to target specific users or use cases?

In this podcast, we’ll talk to Omate’s Laurent Le Pen, a smartwatch industry pioneer, to find out how he views this evolving market.

Show notes:

01:30 Introduction to Omate

02:20 How did someone from France end out starting a device manufacturer in Shenzhen?

03:50 The market segments and challenges Omate targets – Elderly Care, Children, Lone Workers

07:00 Deep dive into the Omate’s Elderly Care solution

10:50 How Omate brought together the supply and demand sides of the market, including SafeMotionCredit Mutual Arkea and Medical Guardian, to launch their Elderly Care management solution in France and the US

12:45 Omate’s innovative Wearables-as-a-Service (WaaS) business model

15:15 The challenges in launched a wearables service in the healthcare industry

17:20 Omate’s Nanoblock children’s watch – and the importance of end-to-end security

21:10 The latest device and solution launches from Omate

24:00 What has prevented wearables from living up to the hype?

30:50 The fun round of questions, including Laurent’s side project, the Oclean smart toothbrush

Laurent’s details 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/laurentlepen/

Twitter: @llepen @omateofficial