IoT Keynote: The Calm Before the Storm

02 Nov 2017

Want to know the latest on IoT in Asia? Here you go!

I was recently the conference chair and delivered the opening keynote at the inaugural Internet of Things World Asia event in Singapore (Oct 2017). My keynote content includes the latest global IoT survey results, updates on LPWAN deployments in Asia, and 3 IoT trends to watch.

For those who don’t have time to watch the whole video, here’s the timings for the content:


02:50 State of IoT in Asia

03:50 IoT Buzzwords go mainstream

05:12 Are IoT budgets increasing or decreasing?

05:40 The ecosystem, security and internal challenges companies face in deploying IoT solutions

07:05 Internal collaboration is on the rise

08:10 Intro to the IoT Ecosystem

08:37 IoT vendors: moving towards Solution Selling

09:38 IoT Brand Awareness: which vendors come top of mind

10:45 Which vendors are the “preferred partners” for IoT solution deployment

13:40 LPWANs is Asia (NB-IoT, Sigfox, LoRa)

15:10 The latest of LPWAN deployments in Asia

15:45 Customer concerns relating to LPWANs

16:50 IoT Watch List #1: Elderly Care in Asia

20:14 IoT Watch List #2: LoRa in India

22:15 IoT Watch List #3 The Rise of #PropTech