29 Jan 2021

Many people are concerned that China is catching up to the West in terms of technology. My concern isn't that China is catching up, it is that China will leave us behind. This is the video of CRA's presentation from The Things Conference - the world's largest LoRaWAN event - on 28 January 2021.

26 Oct 2020

5G has been a topic that is widely discussed globally. However, do we really understand its capabilities and potential? It is time to take a look into how 5G can match the demand generated by Industry 4.0 and drive new processes across businesses.

01 Sep 2020

Cities across the globe are harnessing new technologies to improve the quality of life of their residents. In this webinar, we question: Whether the ‘smart city’ concept has finally evolved from buzzword to reality What defines a smart city, and how does a city become “smart” The role and applications of Big Data, IoT, and other Smart City technologies

01 Nov 2018

CRA was interviewed at IoT World Asia and was asked to discuss:

1. The emerging trends in the Asia IoT market

2. The drivers behind the massive IoT growth in China

3. How people, not technology, are keeping IoT from reaching it’s potential

4. What sets Taipei’s Smart City strategy apart from the rest