CRA Rant: Lies, Damned Lies & Smart City Rankings

07 Jul 2020

Smart City Rankings are inconsistent, so I decided to create my own. I’m proud to present the Charles Reed Anderson PERFECT Smart City Ranking, or the C.R.A.P. Smart City Ranking for short.

0:00 The challenge of ranking Smart Cities

1:55 Which cities rank as the smartest?

4:00 My C.R.A.P. Smart City Ranking

I analysed four 2019 Smart City Rankings, each of which examined over 100 cities, to see if there are any conclusions that can be drawn. Unfortunately, the only conclusion is that while Smart City Rankings may be fun to read and generate good marketing collateral, they are NOT an accurate reflection of how smart a city is.

Here’s the links to the four rankings:

IMD Smart City Index 2019

IESE Cities In Motion Index 2019

EasyPark Smart Cities Index 2019

ATKearney Global Cities Report 2019

(note: “AT Kearney” changed its name to “Kearney” in January 2020, but was still known by its former name at the time the report was released.)