IoT World USA 2018 Keynote – Santa Clara, USA

16 Jul 2018 2

Charles delivered the opening keynote at the world’s largest IoT event – Internet of Things World – in Santa Clara, USA during May 2018.

Presentation Overview

2:10 Current State of IoT (Opportunities, Challenges)

8:40 Collaboration amongst IoT Stakeholders is on the Rise, but more is Required

10:20 The IoT Ecosystem – Which Brands are Winning the Deals? (CRA’s IoT Vendor Analysis infographic)

16:00 Takeaway #1: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly – Why IoT Initiatives Fail (CRA’s Why IoT Initiatives Fail infographic)

17:25 Takeaway #2: The CapEx Conundrum – Customers want “Shared Risk” models, it’s up to the IoT Vendors to create them

18:45 What’s Next for IoT? LPWANs – including Sigfox, LoRa & NB-IoT (CRA’s LPWANs in Asia infographic)

23:45 The IoT Watch List – Bringing together Supply, Demand, and Investment/Funding

24:10 Watch List #1: Omate’s Wearables as a Service to address Elderly Care Management… (CRA’s blog on Elderly Care Mgmt)

27:45 …and how Tata Communications’ eSIM offering can fast-track global Wearable deployments in healthcare and beyond (CRA’s blog on How eSIMS will Disrupt the Wearables Ecosystem)

30:05 Watch List #2: LoRa in India (CRA’s blog on Tata Communications’ LoRa Deployment in India)

32:15 Watch List #3: The Rise of PropTech in Asia (CRA’s blog on The Rise of PropTech)

36:15 Watch List #4 Taipei: Creating a Citizen-centric Smart City (CRA’s blog on Taipei’s Innovative Smart City Strategy)

Companies covered:

Amazon Web ServicesBosch, Cisco, Credit Mutual ArkeaDell, Huawei, IBMJLL, Microsoft, Omate, Rockwell Automation, Safe MotionSAP, Schneider Electric, SigfoxTata Communications

Themes covered:

eSIMs, LPWANs (Sigfox, LoRa & NB-IoT), PropTech, Smart Cities, Smart Healthcare, Wearables