01 Nov 2018

CRA was interviewed at IoT World Asia and was asked to discuss:

1. The emerging trends in the Asia IoT market

2. The drivers behind the massive IoT growth in China

3. How people, not technology, are keeping IoT from reaching it’s potential

4. What sets Taipei’s Smart City strategy apart from the rest

31 Oct 2018

Charles presented “IoT 2018: What’s Hot, What’s Not & What’s Next” as the opening keynote at Asia’s leading IoT event, Internet of Things World Asia, on 19 September 2018.

Presentation Overview

01:10 A Performance Appraisal for IoT

02:30 Where our IoT expectations and forecasts too high?

05:30 What’s Hot #1: IoT in China

08:45 What’s Hot #2: Taipei’s Smart City Strategy

12:50 What’s Not: IoT Stakeholder Engagement

14:35 What’s Next #1: The SIM Revolution: eSIMs & Virtual SIMs

20:00 What’s Not #2: Disruptive Technologies

23:00 IoT’s Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)





30 Oct 2018

In this podcast, Charles & Bernard discusses the emerging IoT trends in Asia Pacific, why China has emerged the surprise leader in the IoT deployment race and whether it will lead the rest of the world in IoT, the current status of 5G across Asia Pacific, and how the new SIM technologies (e.g. eSIM, Virtual SIMs) are going to disrupt the telcos in the near future.