08 Mar 2021

Confused by all the NOISE around 5G and want to know what’s REAL and what’s HYPE? I’ve got you covered with this “5G Podcast Primer”.

We hear a lot about how 5G will transform the way we work, live and play, but the question is, will 5G live up to the expectations?

To help answer this question, I recorded five TechBurst Asia podcasts over the past two months with global industry experts covering all aspects of 5G, including:

  • 5G Basics: why is 5G different from previous networks, what 5G can deliver today versus what it will deliver in the future, and the critical success factors for building a successful 5G business
  • 5G Current State Analysis: which countries are leading & lagging with regards to network deployments, 5G data monetisation, and consumer & enterprise 5G adoption
  • 5G Financials: funding models for 5G network deployments, data pricing options, and enterprise solution monetisation opps
  • 5G Solutions: which industries & use cases will drive the enterprise market opp, how to source innovation, and the importance of providing an end-to-end solution
  • 5G’s Emerging Trends: network infrastructure sharing, Private 5G, and OpenRAN

If you need to get up to speed with what’s really going on with 5G, these podcasts are a great place to start.

Links to each podcast are below along with a summary of the guest’s credentials & a summary of the topics covered.

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How to Digitise One of the Worlds’ Largest Conglomerates

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Michael Gryseels – Singapore / Bangkok

Topics Covered:

  • The status of 5G in Thailand & why it leads SE Asia in 5G deployments
  • The 5G use cases True Digital has prioritised & which industry verticals create to near term opps
  • The role Private 5G will play in Thailand & the industries (e.g. manufacturing, farming) that will lead the adoption
  • The Critical Success Factors for operators to be capitalise on the 5G market opp

Making Sense…and Cents…out of the 5G market opportunity

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Ferry Grijpink – Amsterdam

Topics Covered:

  • Funding 5G network infrastructure – standalone vs. network sharing
  • How to monetise consumer & enterprise 5G solutions via new solutions or services (e.g. tiered pricing)
  • The industries / use cases McKinsey believes will drive enterprise 5G adoption
  • Will OpenRAN be a game changer & how will the Private 5G market evolve?

What’s in store for SE Asia’s Tech & Telecoms Industries in 2021

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Mike Graham – Kuala Lumpur

  • Partner – PwC; TMT Lead for PwC’s SE Asia Consulting Practice; Chief Digital Officer – PwC Malaysia

Topics Covered:

  • How 5G in SE Asia will evolve in 2021
  • Why SE Asia telcos lag behind with regards to innovation
  • The operators considered “best practice” for deploying digital solutions
  • Views on OpenRAN & Rakuten Mobile‘s 5G network deployment

5G is Dead, Long Live 5G

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Danial Mausoof – Abu Dhabi

  • Global Sales Head, Enterprise Services – Nokia; Danial’s new role is the Head of Mobile Network Sales for Middle East & Africa

Topics Covered:

  • Why 5G is different from previous network technologies (3G, 4G)
  • The 5G Market Opp – the money IS NOT in the connectivity
  • 5G’s impact on Smart Cities
  • If I am a tech decision maker – why should I give a damn about 5G?

Are Telcos Ready for 5G? And Do Customers Actually Want It?

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Chris Lewis – London

Topics Covered:

  • Can telcos make the transition from connectivity provider to digital solution provider?
  • Funding 5g network infrastructure – should there be more network sharing?
  • Do customers actually want 5G?

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02 Mar 2021

We live in a world where the latest technologies, including AI, 5G, and blockchain, have the capability to truly transform the way we work, live and play. The problem is, they don’t always live up to the hype. 

One reason is the supply and demand sides of the market don’t work together as effectively as they should, and that’s why we are lucky to have today’s guest, Michael Gryseels, with us because he sits at the crossroads of technology supply and market demand.

He’s currently the Executive Vice Chairman of Thailand’s True Digital Group and the Chief Digital Officer for CP Group, which is Thailand’s largest private company and one of the largest conglomerates globally. 

This combination of roles provides him not only with insights into the market’s requirements – but also the capability to launch solutions to meet those requirements. 

Prior to these roles, he spent nearly 20 years with McKinsey & Company, where he was a Senior Partner and led McKinsey Digital Labs in Asia.

Show notes: 

01:15 Intro to True Digital, CP Group and A Day in the Life of Michael

05:15 CP Group operates in 15 industry verticals. What process do you follow to identify the opportunities and source the innovation that will digitise these industries?

07:00 You have been in your roles for 3 years, can you give us some examples of the initiatives that you’ve implemented, or solutions that you’ve deployed, that you’re proud of?

10:00 Status of 5G in Thailand

  • Which 5G use cases has True Digital identified?
  • Does Thailand’s strong manufacturing sector create an opportunity for Private 5G?
  • What are the Critical Success Factors for operators to be successful in 5G?

15:10 Where would you like to see True Digital and CP Group in 2 – 3 years time?

17:15 When you look at the global mobile operators, which ones do you think are doing the best job at driving digital solutions?

19:00 When implementing digital solutions, companies often get stuck in what McKinsey defines as “Pilot Purgatory”. What advice do you have for companies to overcome this?

22:10 Which technologies do you think will have the biggest impact in the next 12 – 24 months?

24:00 Fun Questions

  • What do you know today about True Digital / CP Group / Thailand that you wish you understood when you started on this journey?
  • You have lived in 15 countries – and worked in many more. Outside of Thailand, where did you find the most exciting place to work?
  • When I was 16 years old, I had a blond mohawk, spent my after school hours skateboarding and attending as many punk rock shows as possible. What were you doing at 16?
  • Let’s say I have the power to turn back time – and I can turn you into a university student today. What would you study – and what would you want to do with your career?

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23 Feb 2021

We recently have talked about the future of 5G – and in this episode – we will take that to the next level.

We’ll discuss the models being used to fund 5G investments, the consumer and enterprise solutions and services that will help operators monetise those investments and discuss which types of operators are best suited to capitalise on the emerging opportunities.

We are joined by Ferry Grijpink, a Senior Partner with McKinsey & Company based out of Amsterdam. Ferry is also the Founder of the McKinsey Center for Advanced Connectivity and is their Global Lead for Digital and Analytics for the Telecoms, Media and Tech Industry.

Show notes:

01:00 Intro to Ferry Grijpink, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company

02:20 How can operators monetise consumer 5G solutions and services – beyond gaming

06:00 The 5G funding models – is network sharing the way forward?

09:30 What is OpenRAN – and can it become a game changer?

13:45 Why do operators struggle to provide solutions and services to the SMB market segment?

17:30 Which industry verticals and use cases will drive the Enterprise 5G market opportunity?

20:45 What role – if any – will operators play in the Private 5G market?

23:30 Which telecoms markets do you find the most exciting?

26:35 What advice do you have for operators to help them build the infrastructure, solutions and services to be successful in the 5G world?

28:45 The fun questions

– Which 5G buzzwords (e.g. OpenRAN, Private 5G, shared network infrastructure) will get the most hype in 2021?

– What do you miss about living and working in Asia?

– What would you do with your career if you weren’t in consulting?

Ferry has a new “5G Chart of the Day – all charts, no bullshit” newsletter. You can subscribe to it here:

Keep an eye out for Ferry & I talking on Clubhouse soon…

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01 Feb 2021

TechBurst Asia sat down with PwC Malaysia’s Mike Graham to discuss Southeast Asia’s latest tech trends and the annoying buzzwords and catchphrases we have been forced to endure during the pandemic. We also talk about our predictions for what WILL – and WON’T happen in 2021. 

Show Notes

01:00 Intro to Mike Graham and his multiple roles at PwC 

08:20 Review of 2020: Which companies managed the pandemic well – and not so well?

12:15 What positives can we take from 2020?

15:50 What will the big stories in 2021 related to 5G in Southeast Asia

23:50 Why have Southeast Asia telcos lagged behind the global telcos with regards to innovation?  

28:30 We keep hearing that during 2020, companies will implement 10 years of digital transformation in 2 months – can we keep the pace of change? 

32:00 Which buzzword (e.g. 5G, OpenRAN, Digital Twins, FinTech) will have the biggest impact in 2021?

34:30 Random tech chats about OpenRAN, Rakuten Mobile, Jio, Drones, Smart Cities, higher education’s role in PPP’s, etc. 

43:15 What WON’T happen in 2021?

47:00 What is the worst buzzword or phrase we created during the pandemic?

48:00 The importance of finding a way to decompress while working from home (spoiler alert: jigsaw puzzles help!)

52:00 PwC’s new B2B digital marketplace to help their clients source innovative solutions – and help start-ups reach enterprise customers. 

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11 Jan 2021

It is time we reset our 5G expectations.

In this podcast, we are going to take another look at 5G. In our last episode, we discussed whether Telcos will be able to monetise their 5G investments. We were pretty harsh in our criticism of the 5G ecosystem, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think 5G will be a game changer. Rather, I just think we need to reset our expectations of capabilities and benefits that 5G will bring to the market.

In this episode, we sat down with Danial Mausoof, Nokia’s Global Sales Head for Enterprise Services, to discuss what differentiates 5G from traditional networks – and and whether 5G will become the tech industry buzzword that FINALLY lives up to the HYPE. 

Show Notes:

01:30 Danial’s career journey with Motorola Solutions & Nokia 

09:05 What differentiates 5G from the existing networks like 4G?

12:40 Today’s 5G networks deliver faster speeds, but there is still more spectrum to be allocated that will support future 5G services (e.g. mission-critical services). How do you see 5G deployments evolving?

17:00 Nokia recently released its “5G Readiness Report”, where it surveyed 1,628 global technology decision makers about “5G+ enabled digitalisation.” To start, what the hell is 5G+ enabled digitalisation?

19:50 In 2030, 5G+ spend in 2030 will reach $4.5 Trillion – but only $600 Billion (13%) will be for public connectivity. $2.2 Trillion (48%) will be on Edge Infrastructure / Cloud Platforms. How is this related to 5G?

22:10 $900 Billion (20%) of this spend will be on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning – how is this related to 5G?

24:40 The final $800 Billion (18%) relates to the deployment of Private 5G networks. Why do we need Private 5G networks – and why are companies like John Deere and Bosch deploying them to support their manufacturing plants?

30:00 86% of decision makers already have some kind of a 5G strategy – what are the use cases that are driving the strategic focus on 5G?

33:00 72% of those surveyed say they plan to invest in 5G by 2025. What do these enterprises need to do to make sure they get a positive ROI on these investments – and what challenges will they need to overcome?

36:20 How will 5G impact Smart Cities?

39:00 Tough Question #1: What are the security implications for 5G?

43:20 Tough Question #2: Let’s say I am a tech decision maker managing the complexities created by the global pandemic – why should I give a damn about 5G?

45:20 Tough Question #3: 500,000 South Korean consumers have switched back to 4G from 5G – does that mean that we really don’t need 5G?

47:15 Tough Question #4: As an industry, we have failed to live up to the hype around the latest tech trends (e.g. 4G, IoT, or Smart Cities). Will we learn from our past mistakes – or will 5G follow a similar path?

49:15 What is something going on in the 5G ecosystem that we should be tracking? (spoiler alert: it is OpenRAN)

50:30 Tell me about a solution that 5G will enable that I – as a consumer – should be excited about. 

52:00 When do we have to start worrying about 6G? 

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