01 May 2017

This 11 minute snippet from my recent keynote at IoT Asia 2017  covers the evolution of Smart Cities and the three types of collaboration required to drive successful IoT initiatives:
00:10 The State of IoT in Asia

01:00 Smart City Evolution – Taipei – moving from infrastructure-centric to citizen-centric services

03:05 Three Types of Collaboration are needed to drive IoT success

03:42 Internal Collaboration – engaging beyond the IT department

04:44 Collaboration Best Practice: Singapore’s Smart Nation

06:50 Vendor Collaboration – collaborating across the IoT Ecosystem

08:52 Data Collaboration – how Under Armour leveraged data to transform the customer experience


01 May 2017

This 8 minute snippet from my recent keynote at IoT Asia 2017  covers my Top 2 IoT Trends to Watch in 2017 (spoiler alert: Analytics & LPWAN)

00:10 What’s Next for IoT?: Top 2 emerging trends to watch in 2017

00:25 The Rise of the IoT OTT (over the top) providers – includes best practice from Demand Logic (Smart Buildings) and Falkonry (AI for Manufacturing)

02:17 The Year of the Low Power WAN (LPWAN)

03:27 Which LPWAN Path should you follow? NB-IoT, LoRa & Sigfox

03:42 What you need to know about NB-IoT, LoRa & Sigfox

05:41 The TOUGH questions we need to ask about NB-IoT, LoRa & Sigfox

07:02 LPWANs are IoT’s Tipping Point

07:20 LPWANs – where supply meets demand

07:53 LPWAN is not guaranteed to succeed – here’s the challenges (including the Race to Zero)

09 Apr 2017

Charles’ interview with Analyse Asia covering his keynote address at the IoT Asia 2017 event in Singapore.


Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

  • Charles Anderson (@CRASingapore, LinkedIn), founder of Charles Reed Anderson and Associates. [0:40]
  • IoT in Asia: Tipping Point [2:40]
    • What is the current state of IoT in Asia pertaining to smart cities? [2:57]
      • Infra centric to Customer Centric
      • Walk through evolution
      • Singapore and Taipei with smart street lights leveraging on sensors.
    • What are the interesting observations you made on smart cities particularly in Taipei and Singapore? [4:05]
    • Examples of infrastructure deployments for smart cities in Asia, for example, Taipei [5:35]
    • In your talk during IoT Asia 2017, you mentioned that collaboration is required to drive IoT success, can you briefly explain how that works within these stakeholders, [6:09] for example:
      • Internal collaboration (within organizations & enterprise) [6:09]
      • Vendor collaboration [7:36]
      • Data collaboration [8:34]
        • Example: Under Armour using endomodo and fitness apps to increase sales. [9:10]
    • What’s the key trends for IoT in 2017? [10:54]
      • Emergence of the IoT OTT (Over the top) similar to the mobile smartphone networks (3G, LTE) [11:05]
      • Demand Logic for buildings [11:30]
    • In your talk, you think that it’s coming to a tipping point for Asia with low power wide areas networks (see Episode 156 where Charles discuss the three major operators). What are your observations and how did it lead you to that conclusion? [12:55]
      • Moving beyond the hype and looking at the backers behind the three major operators: NB-IoT, SigFox, and LoRA.
    • How do we get the LPWANs going with the vendors and bridge the supply and demand? [17:03]
    • What will be your advice for organizations thinking about implementing their digital strategy with respect to enterprise mobility and internet of things? [17:55]
    • What are the key things that you will watch carefully for IoT from Asia to the rest of the world? [19:53]
      • Asia should have their own vendor partnerships – particularly around the OT vendors
      • Use cases for LPWANs
      • Messaging switch from technology to business value.