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We help technology companies and governments identify the value of IoT, understand their role in the IoT ecosystem and develop their go-to-market strategies.
We connect the dots.
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Keep up to date with Charles’ latest insights on the IoT and Mobility industries.

02 Feb 2017

My review of the world’s first combined Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) experience at the Pecha Kucha Rojak.Digital event at Singapore's National Gallery

10 Jan 2017

In this Analyse Asia interview, Charles provides a market update on the status of LPWANs in Asia.

09 Dec 2016

Coverage from Disruptive.Asia on Charles' recent presentation at TM Forum Live! Asia

22 Sep 2016

With all the hype surrounding Smart Cities and the IoT, you may wonder if cities are really changing and if the IoT is making an impact.

21 Sep 2016

Smartwatches are dead, long live the Smartwatch!

20 Sep 2016

Pokemon Go has put Augmented Reality in the spotlight, but what can we expect in future?

13 Sep 2016

IT departments are moving away from BYOD and towards CYOD

24 Aug 2016

Charles presents on his love/hate relationship with IoT and the tech industry.


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Catch Charles presenting at leading industry events across Asia and beyond.

29 Mar 2017
Singapore Expo, Singapore
Charles will be the Conference Chair and delivering the keynote at IoT Asia 2017: Making $ense in Our Connected World
13 Feb 2017
Taipei, Taiwan
Taiwan's Institute for Information Industry (III) will hold its 2017 IoT Commerce Summit to showcase Taiwan's IoT Smart Business District and to connect Taiwan entrepreneurs and start-ups to the global IoT ecosystem.
07 Dec 2016
Marina Mandarin, Singapore
TM Forum Live! Asia examines emerging business models, discusses industry enablers and blockers, and presents case studies of digital service and IoE implementation and monetisation.
02 Dec 2016
National Gallery, Singapore
Rojak.Digital represents the creative mix of speakers – creators, thinkers and cultural curators – who help redefine what our realities will be in the near and distant future.
23 Nov 2016
Chengdu, China
The 2016 Chengdu Business Forum is developed with the support and participation of key members of industry, government agencies and associations in China and Singapore.
26 Oct 2016
Taipei, Taiwan
To wrap Acer's 40th anniversary celebration, the company invited Taiwan's government and industry leaders to discuss and share their thoughts about the future of global technology.
20 Oct 2016
Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong
The NTT Global Forum brought together passionate technology leaders and NTT group companies to share their philosophy of driving the future of the digital enterprise.
19 Sep 2016
Jakarta, Indonesia
IoT Asia's Jakarta Business Forum featured local insights from leading practitioners in the Industrial IoT and Smart City space from Singapore, Jakarta and other parts of Indonesia.

"It is always amazing to listen to the countless examples of applications and solutions Charles has picked up through his interactions with the IoT industry’s movers and shakers. Especially impressive is his ability to crystallise large amounts of information into actionable insights for the benefit of his clients. If you need somebody to make sense of the IoT, Charles is your guy."

Thomas Jakob Regional President Asia Pacific, Bosch Software Innovations

"Charles and I have worked together in two capacities, the first being an adviser to me regarding IOT and the second as a keynote speaker at events that Samsung facilitates. Charles is without a doubt the go to guy for IoT. His knowledge and understanding is second to none. He's an excellent public speaker also and a great guy to top it off."

Verdon Kelliher Director of Strategic Innovation, Samsung

"It is rare to come across an IoT “thought leader” who not only understands the latest technology trends and their impact on the global and Asian markets, but also has the ability to explain them in a simple and powerful way. Charles’ pragmatic approach to explaining how the latest IoT trends and technologies will impact the business and operating models of companies across the IoT ecosystem allows him to deliver realistic, actionable insights to his audiences. Charles is without a doubt the best IoT keynote speaker in the market."

Silvia Yu CEO, Red Peak Asia

"During Acer’s “New Si-Vilization” event in Taipei where Charles was a keynote speaker, Charles demonstrated not only solid knowledge on the subject of Smart Cities through the application of IoT, but also a strong vision on the developments in this area. Charles turned out to be a charismatic speaker, able to capture the imagination of our audience on what the future in our cities behold for us"

Maarten Schellekens VP Global Marketing & Branding, Acer

"Charles brings a refreshing perspective to the world of IoT and is not taken in by the hype. He is often a contrarian and in a market driven by hype, this is stimulating. Charles presents his findings with detailed quantitative research and knowledge that goes beyond your typical analyst. His understanding of the market from “sensors to platforms” is unparalleled in the analyst world. Charles would be my "go to" guy for market perspectives on IoT."

Saj Kumar Head of IoT & Digital Transformation, SAP Asia

"Charles is definitely the thought leader on IoT, mobility and digital transformation in Asia Pacific who I typically check in with. He has a strong understanding of the global business & execution models that relate new technologies to digital disruption and how these apply to the Asian market. His analytical and foresight to think a few steps ahead are essential to businesses like ours that are looking to increase their value to customers. He is a great professional and I highly recommend working with Charles."

Bernard Leong Head of Post Office Nework & Digital Services, Singapore Post